Lauren is a fantastic photographer and nothing is to much trouble. She's a natural with animals... another Dr. Doolittle!
                     Lesley Cadman

Life wouldn’t be the same without our loyal pets! As we all know our dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, hamsters ect only have a certain life span, they do not stick around forever. Having grown up with pets myself I can very much say they certainly become a part of the family, like a brother or a sister, another child to look after, you find yourself revolving your life around them and yet you wouldn’t have it any other way. I photograph pets, mainly dogs, simply because I love it! Each one has its own characteristics and its brilliant when this comes across in an image you can keep with you forever.

Pet Photography (outdoors) £60

30 min session

10 digital copies all at high resolution on usb. 

You choice of location

A mileage charge is applied if you are further than 15 miles from BB3


Lancashire Photographer, UK