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MESSY PLAY - Mini Shoots

Messy Play is a fantastic way of improving all round development in your Children. It encourages a more creative and imaginative way of thinking (great for problem solving) It helps towards their brain development and enhances their fine motor and cognitive skills.

A lot of baby sensory classes promote messy play and there are so many creative activities you can do.

For my messy play shoots I will be focusing on finger painting. Not only is finger painting loads of fun, it is also an excellent feeling experience and is fantastic for the development of all the big and small muscles in your growing child.

It is great for the development of colour recognition, experimenting with colours and colour mixing and is terrific for developing creativity skills.

As I want to be able to offer this to babies and toddlers I use edible finger paint making sure it is non-toxic by mouth and non-irritating to the skin. I create my mix using the ingredients of cornflour and a drop of natural food colouring. Please notify me if your baby has any allergies prior to the shoot. Finger paint can be made in several different ways so I can make it to suit your child.

Capturing these fun adorable, creative moments on camera is so precious! I will be able to look back at this when my son is older and show him how he created his first ever masterpiece. Alongside the original piece of art which I have framed. <3

At the end of the session you can give you baby a quick bath to get them clean before leaving. As I do with my cake smash shoots I can even add a bath tub shoot to the end of the messy play session if you wish!

Message me if you are interested.

Messy Play Photoshoot: £75.00

30 min session

10 digital images

Option to take home the original artwork

Add on an A4 framed piece of your babies artwork for £10 extra

or a Rotating Multi Aperture Photo Frame (28cm x 22cm) for £20 - see an example image of this below! <3

Here is my son enjoying his first ever messy play! He is 11 months old! He had no idea what to think of this at first and just wanted to eat it all but he soon go into the swing of things.

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