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Newborn Safety - LDK Photography

In my last blog I talked about the general safety precautions I'll be taking moving forward!

Today I am talking more about the general safety of your newborns during a session.

During the Covid19 lockdown I joined the Guild of Photography Association and I am so glad I have. It has been extremely helpful to see how different photographers work. There are so many talented photographers that have given up their time to share their experiences through a variety of webinars. I have especially found the newborn webinars with Claire Elliot & Jo Bradley extremely helpful. I have been learning so much more on how to create the best poses whilst keeping babies safe.

When you hire a newborn photographer, you’re putting your trust in that person to hold and look after your baby. You’ll want to feel comfortable with your choice. Going forward I want to make sure you feel 100% happy to book your session with myself. I am more than happy to meet you face-face prior to the baby arriving before you put down a deposit. This is also a good chance for you to view the studio space and discuss the types of images you want, including colour schemes that you may have in mind.

My number one priority is the babies safety!! At no point should you feel uncomfortable with me positioning and holding your precious little one.

  • Your baby will never be put in any positions that make him/her uncomfortable.

  • Your newborn will never be left unattended, He/She will be supported at all times by a human hand (this will be mine, yours or an assistants) throughout any risky posing, i.e the froggy pose.

  • I will avoid any pose that may limit their circulation.

  • If your baby suffers with any medical issue there will be certain positions I will not do. For example if your baby is breech I will not do the ‘froggy pose’. This is because they could suffer with hip displacement and I wouldn’t want to risk any further damage.

My home studio is always heated to a comfortable temperature. Newborns can’t regulate their own temperature very well so it’s really important that we keep them warm considering they will be undressed a lot of the time.

It’s also important though that we don’t overheat them too!! Signs of this include sweaty neckline, mottled skin, redness in the face.

Something that I didn’t know until I had my own baby is that oils and candles can potentially cause harm to a baby, they can cause allergic reactions and sensitivities. You can have peace on mind knowing that I don’t use them in my home! All my equipment/props are cleaned before and after each shoot, the baby clothes/blankets/wraps ect are washed using Fairy Non Bio Pods.

As part of being safety trained I have completed online first aid course's and will be attending the practical first aid course for babies and children in October…I can’t wait!!

There is so much I could cover so if you have any questions regarding safety please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

In my next blog I will answer questions that I regularly get asked by mums and dads that revolve around the newborns and their safety.

I also intend to show you some behind the scene images of how we actually support your baby during certain positions.

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