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New Vibes 2020 - Photography, Lancashire

Due to being on Maternity leave and living through the Covid19 lockdown, I am keeping myself extra busy by expanding on my newborn Photography Skills. I have been taking online newborn courses that focus on Posing, Lighting and the safety of your newborns.

I have also decided to register to 'the guild of photographers' website. I am looking forward to getting more involved with the photography community. Being self-employed, working alone for almost 6 years now can get very lonely. I'm looking forward to being apart of an active community with others that share a similar interest. It will also keep my mind active as I can begin to learn more and keep up to date with all the current trends. I think I may even apply for some courses to gain extra qualifications in order to expand my business even further.

As I currently work mobile (bringing my studio to you) it might be a while yet before I get the go ahead on being able to return to work safely. Therefore I am only offering my outdoor shoots as it stands. I am looking to open my home studio for children and newborn shoots in August/September. When I get a date that will allow to go ahead with shoots here are some of the extra safety precautions that I will be putting into place for along as they are needed....

- I expect the area to be thoroughly cleaned before the session takes place

- PPE will be a must! A face mask will be worn by myself, I will have hand sanitiser and wear gloves when necessary.

- All of my equipment/props will be washed before and after each session.

- Social Distancing will probably be a thing of the future now, I intend to keep as much distance as I can from everyone including your newborn using my camera lenses 24-70mm & 50mm.

- I will offer more lifestyle and candid shots to replace hand on posing, in this case you as a parent will be directed to help position the baby and siblings.

- A limited number of shoots will be taken by myself each week, I intend to only book 2 sessions per week, making sure they have a 48h period in-between so I can clean all my equipment.

- I will have strict contact with only one household per shoot

- Written confirmation that no one in your household has had any symptoms of an illness within the 2 weeks running up to the shoot. This includes confirmation from myself too.

Below are some gorgeous photographs of my niece that I have captured during covid19. These shots have been captured outdoors, using my 70-200mm lens. My Brother positioned baby Nina as I avoided any contact with this precious baby girl and we used natural light. I am happy to offer these shoots now if you are interested but it is weather dependant, get in touch for more info on this.

Watch this space over the next few weeks for regular updates <3

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