Maternity Photoshoot

Not everyone feels comfortable with having a camera pointed at them, specially in the late stages of pregnancy, when your feeling very self concious and rather huge! However I think it's such a beautiful thing to capture every moment of something so life changing.

Here is why you should not miss out on the oppurtunity....

1. No matter how ugly, tired, and sore you feel on the inside, everyone else see's only the beauty of something so natural, bringing a new life into the world.

2. Photo's trigger memories and feelings, they help you rememeber! Being able to look back at the photos and even show your future children makes it an even more special moment #Sharing.

3. It can be lots of fun and creative!

4. It's a lovely way to bond with your partner.

Not having photographed a pre baby shoot before, I had such a lovely time in the studio with this beautiful couple! We experimented with different creative ideas but mainly kept the shots clean and simple! These are just a few of my favourites ...

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